OTP Bank Plc.

(Last update: 19/10/2017)

Rating agencyRating agency
Moody's Long Term Foreign Currency DepositBaa3 (0)
Long Term Local Currency DepositBaa2 (0)
Short Term Foreign Currency DepositP-3
Short Term Local Currency DepositP-2
Subordinated Foreign Currency Debt (UT2)Ba3(hyb)
S&P GlobalLong Term Foreign Currency Counterparty Credit RatingBBB- (0)
Long Term Local Currency Counterparty Credit RatingBBB- (0)
Short Term Foreign Currency Counterparty Credit RatingA-3
Short Term Local Currency Counterparty Credit RatingA-3

Moody's global scale ratings of OTP subsidiary

(Last update: 19/10/2017)

OTP Mortgage BankLocal Currency Issuer RatingBaa3 (0)

Fitch rating of OTP subsidiary

(Last update: 30/06/2016)

SubsidiaryFitch Rating
OJSC OTP Bank (Russia)Long Term Foreign Currency Issuer Default RatingBB (0)

(-) Outlook: negative
(0) Outlook: stable
(+) Outlook: positive

Most recent announcement of Moody’s rating agency
about OTP Bank

October 19, 2017Moody's upgrades OTP Bank Nyrt's local currency deposit rating to Baa2, stable outlook
October 25, 2017Credit Opinion

Most recent announcement of S&P Global rating agency
about OTP Bank

July 24, 2017Two Hungarian Banks Upgraded, One Affirmed As Economic And Industry Risks Diminish
November 3, 2017OTP Bank Rating Research

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