If you would like to execute security transactions, you should have a securities account. In case you do not have securities account, you should open a joint securities account in one of the OTP branches. The precondition of the securities account is the current account by OTP Bank, due to the fact that money transfers from investment transactions settle in your current account.

Open an account

Private individuals are able to open a securities account in all branches dealing with securities after prove one’s identity! In case of the transactions will have tax payment obligations (after dividend or exchange rate movements), the tax number is required. In case of the security accounts are opened under other client’s name certain paragraph of the Investment Services Business Terms and Conditions can be applied. For entrepreneurs the representative is able to open an account or it is possible sending the official documents certified by notary via mail. All these opportunities are valid for foreign investors.

Dispositions about the account

However the account can have one account holder there is a possibility to announce one authorized person. This authorization process should be executed together with the owner and the authorized person, personally in the branches. For one single security transaction is possible to give an instance authorization. The authorization can be given in every branches entitled to deal with securities distribution, not just where the account was opened.

Keeping securities account

OTP Banks records for one account holder maximum 2 securities accounts. OTP Bank records the securities of the account holder, executes the transactions, and charges fee for the services (fees includes the Announcement about fees and commissions). In case there is a change in the account holders data the account holder should be announce this change in the branches. After conclude the agreement joint account can be transferred to other branch dealing with securities account. On quarterly basis OTP Bank send statements about the securities account transaction and balance parallel with the fee charge.

Modification of contracts

If you have securities account but you did not enter into a joint securities account agreement later than 5th of September 2005 your earlier securities account will be canceled, and the securities will be settled in safe custody. This process (open new joint securities account) can be executed in the branch where your current accounts holds. After this process you dispose over the securities and liquid money on your account. From 1th of July according to the governing principles for fee calculations and safe custody, clients are entitled to pay 1000 HUF charge for safe custody and account management fees on quarterly basis.

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