About internetbank security

With regard to the use of the OTPdirekt Internet service, OTP Bank has introduced a number of additional measures to ensure the user's safety. However, your co-operation is essential if we are to minimize the risks involved in using the system.

Protecting your computer

While using the OTPdirekt Internet service, and when on the Web in general, you should act with the greatest possible care in order to safeguard against any viruses, hacking attempts or "Trojan horse" programs with the help of firewalls and antivirus software. Viruses may damage your computer, destroy data or in some cases send sensitive information or codes entered during the use of the system to unauthorized people.

Download patches, updates available for your operating system and browser regularly.

OTP Bank does not and cannot prevent programs being illegally downloaded onto your PC. In view of the fact that such programs may harm the integrity of information or cause problems when running the OTPdirekt Internet program, our bank does not accept any liability for damages that may ensue as a result.

For your own protection we recommend that you set the data protection for the browser to the highest level in order to ensure the greatest possible degree of safety. This means that while you are using the browser, the program will send you a warning before you open any content that may cause damage.

Using the Mobile Signature

You can enhance security when using our Internet Service with the help of our free Mobile Signature function. You may request that (in addition to your ID code, password and account number) an additional code sent by SMS to your mobile phone which is required to access any information regarding your account.

  • Logon to the OTPdirekt Internet Service
  • Perform (or cancel) any active transaction.

With the use of this function it is not possible to log on or perform any transactions even if someone illegally obtained your personal data, as the SMS sent by OTPdirekt contains an additional code which provides a higher level of security.

You may activate the free Mobile Signature function at any OTP Bank branch or through the OTPdirekt Telephone Service.

Handling of ID and secret password 

The system will identify you with a 7-digit code and a secret password, and it is of critical importance that you do not allow anyone else access to these two highly sensitive data items. We recommend that you change your password regularly (e.g.: Every 1-3 months).


You may set a daily transfer limit, which you can later modify easily.

We recommend that you set the limit to an optimal value. Do not set it higher than is necessary.

Using the Service in a public place 

Please, try to avoid using the system in the presence of other people, or in public places (Internet cafés, computers used by others besides yourself).

However if you choose to access our service from a public or shared computer your cooperation is needed (in addition to the security measures undertaken by the bank) to ensure the highest level of security. If it is possible for others to access the computer we recommend you take the following precautions while using the system:

The service's Logon page allows you to use the service - up until the program is closed or until you choose to log off - without having to re-enter the code and/or secret password repeatedly whenever you want to make another transaction or inquiry. Important! If you access our service from a public computer we do not recommend the use of this convenient function. Please use the system with authentication after every transaction.


The service’s ’Remember my ID and account nr.’ function allows you to save your account number and the ID code you use to access the system on your personal computer, thus in case of following logins you only have to type your secret password in. This convenient function is available at each computer at which you have chosen the option.

Important! Please note, that while using the service from a public or shared computer or without the application of adequate antivirus or other safeguard software we consider the use of this convenient function hazardous and do not recommend you, neither combined with the Mobile Signature function. Please note, that we do not recommend the use of this convenient function from a public or shared computer!

Logging out of the service

It is important that when you have finished using the service, you end the session by clicking the "Logoff" button rather than simply closing the browser window. This ensures that the secure connection established when you logged on to our service is terminated.

If you have accessed the service from a public computer or in the presence of others and have enabled the creating or use of temporary internet files during the logon process, we recommend you delete the contents stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder of your browser.

Scams, fishing 

Scams and fishing are a common way to obtain personal and/or security data (bankcard number, secret password, PIN, etc.). Identity theives send an e-mail to random addresses, which mail contains a hyperlink.

By clicking on this hyperlink, customers are directed to a site, where they will be asked to enter their secret password and other personal data. These web pages have the same characteristics as OTP Bank Internet bank page.

In order to be protected from these cheating methods, please consider the following measures:

  • Do not in any case reply to these types of emails. OTP Bank does not ask any secret information in an e-mail or by fax. Our colleges may only ask for information related to the accounts (account numbers) handled through the service or the six digit ID code (HAZ) you use to access the service, but never the secret password!
  • Be aware of telephone calls, e-mails informing you that data of your OTPdirekt internet service has been acquired by unauthorized persons, and therefore asking you to contact the customer service on a given number. Never do so, instead please contact OTP Bank by e-mail (information@otpbank.hu) or by telephone (06 1 3666 666 in menu 8.)
  • During use of our service - prior to logging in - please make sure, that your computer is communicating with the server of OTP Bank. To be sure of this you must check the following:
    • Address (URL) of the OTP Bank Internet bank page: https://www.otpbank.hu/...
    • by clicking on the animated Verisign logo on the log in page of the service, the digital certification from Verisign will appear in the following format with the following content. If the content is not identical to that shown below please log off and inform OTP Bank immediately:

Our website cannot be displayed in this browser.

Plesea use one of the newest version from the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge.

Follow the steps below:

  • open a new page in one of the above browsers,
  • copy and insert the link of our website into the adress bar and press Enter,
  • you are ready to browse our website.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail at information@otpbank.hu!

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