What is the User ID Code?

The User Identification (ID) Code is a 7-digit code generated by the computer system and indicated in the customer's contract. Together with the secret password, the User ID Code is used for the purpose of customer identification. When using the OTPdirekt service the customer must use the User ID Code and the secret password. Users are not allowed to change their Identification Codes!

Similarly to the bank account number, the User ID Code is accessible by the bank for its own internal use. Consequently, you can let our operators know this code when asking for information and also please include this code in the e-mails you send to us in which you're asking for help.

What is a secret password?

The secret password is a 7-digit code that you'll be asked to create at the POS terminal at one of our branches when signing a contract or changing your password. When you log in for the first time after the signing of the contract or changing a password, it's important that you change this secret password in the menu item Settings / Change Password. You won't be able to use any functions of the OTPdirekt service until you've changed your initial password.

You are requested to treat your password as highly confidential, similarly to your bankcard PIN code and the secret code required for using the telephone administration service. Unauthorized persons who come to know your password can gain access to your bank account.

Why do I have to change my password?

OTP Bank has implemented several measures in relation to its web-based OTPdirekt service that provide a higher degree of security for customers using this service. However, your co-operation is essential in order to minimise the risks implied in the use of the system.

Please avoid the use of characters consisting of accent marks or punctuation marks (such as ?, %, _, space, etc.) and make sure that your new password differs in at least 3 positions from the previous password.

What does the daily limit refer to?

For retail customers, the daily limit is the maximum amount per day, as specified in the contract related to the provision of web-based OTPdirekt services, up to which OTP Bank will fulfil transfer orders to the debit of the accounts belonging to a particular User Identification Code to bank accounts other than these Account Circle, and also any transactions effected to ensure adequate funds on a card account (known as Instant Card-to-Card Transfers).

The money transfers and retransfers, with the exception of Card-to-Card Transfers, between accounts belonging to the same OTPdirekt customer ID code do not affect the limit applicable on that day. Card-to-Card Transfers (whether they are made to the credit of accounts included in the respective Account Circle or to other accounts) will always be deducted from the daily limit.

For corporate accountholders, the daily limit is the maximum amount per day, as specified in the contract related to the provision of web-based OTPdirekt services, up to which OTP Bank will fulfil transfer orders to the debit of the Account Circle registered for the respective user's OTPdirekt ID code. This means that in the case of multiple accounts belonging to the same OTPdirekt ID code, the daily limit is the aggregate upper limit of transfer orders that may be given per day in relation to the given Account Circle.

How can I request this service if I live abroad?

Retail customers who permanently reside in a foreign country may conclude OTPdirekt contracts with OTP Bank as follows:

You need to send an e-mail to us stating your intention to enter into an OTPdirekt agreement. In our reply, we'll send you the forms you'll need to complete in order to conclude the contract. Please print one copy of each form and fill them in. After that, you'll need to obtain your local consul's authentication of the 'Statement' form and return one copy of each document to the following address:

OTP Bank Rt.
Elektronikus és Bankszámla Szolgáltatási Igazgatóság
H - 1876 Bp., Nádor u. 16.

We will send you the 'PIN envelope' containing the secret password that enables you to use the service. Depending on the method of delivery that you've indicated in the Statement, we'll send you the password by regular mail in a sealed envelope, or your authorised representative may take delivery of the envelope at an OTP branch designated by you. When logging into the system for the first time, you'll need to change the password you found in the 'PIN envelope'. You won't be able to use any functions of the OTPdirekt service until you've changed your initial password. We will debit the postal charges (for the delivery of the 'PIN envelope' and the contract) to your bank account at the same time as we send the sealed envelope.

What is the 'Account Circle'?

The Account Circle refers to a group of accounts in relation to which you can give instructions in OTP's web-based OTPdirekt system by using a single OTPdirekt identification code and a secret password.

Retail customers' Account Circle may include the following types of bank accounts: Retail Current Account, Junior Current Account, Non-Residents' Non-Convertible Current Account Deposits, accounts belonging to the Electronic Account Package, Retail Savings Account, Retail Currency Savings Account, 'B-Loan', 'C-Loan' and 'C-Plusz Loan' accounts, MOBIL Deposit Account, and Securities/Securities Deposit Accounts.

Corporate customers' Account Circle may only contain corporate cash turnover accounts.

Retail customers can request the inclusion of additional accounts in their existing Account Circle at any of our branches (with the exception of securities accounts, which may only be added at branches that manage the securities account in question). Corporate accountholders may only request the inclusion of additional accounts at branches that participate in the conclusion of OTPdirekt contracts.

How can I check whether my order has been executed?

You can check in the Account History whether your orders have been executed and whether their amounts and transfer dates are correct.

Orders submitted after opening hours are stored in the system; you can check these in the menu item 'Check Transactions' of the web-based OTPdirekt service (item awaiting processing / already processed in Account Management System / processing denied by the system).

When is the system 'open'?

You can access the OTPdirekt web-based system 24 hours a day. Transaction services (transfer orders and instructions for opening time deposits) will only be executed with immediate effect if the order is submitted during what are known as the system's "opening hours". Opening hours are 7:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays, on normal banking days.

Any transfer orders that you submit after regular opening hours (i.e. during the offline periods) of the Account Management System will not be processed on that same day. Our system will store these orders and process them when the Account Management System opens on the following banking day.

Please note that you cannot modify or cancel stored orders submitted during an offline period either in the OTPdirekt system or through any other service of the bank. You cannot cancel immediate and VIBER transfer orders, either, after they have been processed in the Account Management System. However, you can modify or cancel time deposits, value-date transfer orders, and standing orders at our branches or by using our telephone-based customer service.

Regardless of the opening hours of the Bank's Account Management System, card-to-card transfers will be executed immediately.

Inquiries about account history, account turnover and time deposits, as well as queued items belonging to corporate accounts, will be answered by the system even outside regular opening hours.


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