Treasury shares

The table below shows recent number of OTP’s shares held by the OTP Bank.
You can have more detailed information on own share transactions
by studying OTP’s public announcements.

Volume of treasury shares at OTP Bank and Group members*

Date of the transaction"A" type ordinary sharesDocuments
OTP BankGroup
number of shares%
14/11/2019260,7130260,7130.09Remuneration policy
08/11/2019262,5990262,5990.09Remuneration policy

31/10/2019316,5660316,5660.11Number of voting rights on 31 October 2019
11/10/2019328,1600328,1600.12Treasury share transaction
03/10/2019331,2350331,2350.12Treasury share transaction
30/09/2019336,7950336,7950.12Number of voting rights on 30 September 2019
27/09/2019349,5420349,5420.12Treasury share transaction
24/09/2019355,3220355,3220.13Treasury share transaction
11/09/2019359,2260359,2260.13Treasury share transaction
31/08/2019394,1790394,1790.14Number of voting rights on 31 August 2019
30/08/2019394,1790394,1790.14Treasury share transaction
07/08/2019384,9410384,9410.14Treasury share transaction
06/08/2019412,8800412,8800.15Treasury share transaction
31/07/2019417,1420417,1420.15Number of voting rights on 31 July 2019
Total number of ordinary shares
(Actual number of shares representing voting rights)
Actual number of shares representing participation interest

*As for OTP Bank and Group members the table contains the number of shares at the end of the last month is indicated.


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