Share information

Listing of the shares

Ordinary shares of the Bank are listed in Category "A" on the Budapest Stock Exchange. The Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) traded abroad (2 GDR= 1 ordinary shares), are listed on the Luxemburg Stock exchange and are traded on SEAQ International in London. Rule 144a GDRs are traded in the PORTAL system.

The Depository agent of OTP GDRs is the Bank of New York and custodial agent is OTP Bank (The stock exchange code of OTP shares is "OTP", Reuters: "OTP.BU").

Share structure

The law on abolishing the voting preference share of the State (“golden share”) comes into effect. In consequence, according to the relevant paragraphs of AGMs the voting preference shares stipulations ceased existing, thus 1 preference voting share with HUF 1,000.- face value has been transformed into 10 ordinary shares with HUF 100.- face value.

  • Share capital (HUF thousand): 28.000.001
  • Number of ordinary shares with a face value of HUF 100 (pcs): 280.000.010

Yearly share prices from 2013 to 2016

You can find here annual statistics of OTP Bank's ordinary share price and BUX index, from 1995 to 2016.

OTP ordinary shares (HUF, face value: HUF 100)2016201520142013
Opening price of the year 5,9263,7994,124,186
Closing price of the year 8,463,8114,1
Highest daily closing price of the year 8,4116,1584,8755,302
Lowest daily closing price of the year 5,7143,4793,5554,059
Change (on a yearly base) 40%57%-7%-1%
BVPS (consolidated) 5,0744,4064,5155,39
EPS base (consolidated) 765242-382241
EPS diluted (consolidated) 765242-382240
BUX (point)2016201520142013
Opening price of the year23,9216,63418,59218,255
Closing price of the year32,00323,92116,63418,564
Highest daily closing price of the year32,02623,96419,59619,744
Lowest daily closing price of the year22,53615,68716,14117,816
Change (on a yearly base)34%44%-10%2%

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