Financial highlights

Consolidated financial highlights and share data

Main components of the Statement of recognised income
in HUF million

 1Q 20184Q 20181Q 2019Q-o-QY-o-Y
Consolidated after tax profit65,05077,81872,581-7%12%
Adjustments (after tax) (total)-14,21615,315-17,819-216%25%
Consolidated adjusted after tax profit without the effect of adjustments79,26662,50390,40045%14%
Pre-tax profit89,69667,240101,82651%14%
Operating profit92,83087,603108,75824%17%
Total income206,335227,773239,7165%16%
Net interest income143,614156,448162,6704%13%
Net fees and commissions49,57956,60557,2231%15%
Other net non-interest income13,14214,71919,82335%51%
Operating expenses-113,505-140,169-130,958-7%15%
Total risk costs-1,289-20,277-6,197-69%381%
One off items-1,845-86-735753%-60%
Corporate taxes-10,430-4,737-11,426141%10%

Main components of balance sheet (closing balances in HUF million)

 1Q 20184Q 20181Q 2019Q-o-QY-o-Y
Total assets13,511,18214,590,28816,107,50110%19%
Total customer loans (net, FX adjusted)7,229,8458,099,9519,076,47412%26%
Total customer loans (gross, FX adjusted)8,011,3808,764,9169,758,77611%22%
Allowances for possible loan losses (FX adjusted)-781,535-664,966-682,3013%-13%
Total customer deposits (FX adjusted)10,595,27411,317,15412,402,05310%17%
Issued securities258,602417,966381,912-9%48%
Subordinated loans75,26681,42981,2010%8%
Total shareholders' equity1,592,4481,826,6571,870,1022%17%

Indicators based on adjusted earnings %

 1Q 20184Q 20181Q 2019Q-o-QY-o-Y
ROE (from accounting net earnings)16.2%17.1%15.9%-1.2%p-0.3%p
ROE (from adjusted net earnings)19.7%13.7%19.8%6.1%p0.1%p
ROA (from adjusted net earnings)2.4%1.7%2.4%0.7%p0.0%p
Operating profit margin2.83%2.40%2.86%0.46%p0.03%p
Total income margin6.28%6.25%6.30%0.05%p0.02%p
Net interest margin4.37%4.29%4.28%-0.02%p-0.10%p
Cost-to-asset ratio3.46%3.85%3.44%-0.40%p-0.01%p
Cost/income ratio55.0%61.5%54.6%-6.9%p-0.4%p
Provision for impairment on loan and placement losses-to-average gross loans ratio0.03%0.68%0.24%-0.44%p0.21%p
Total risk cost-to-asset ratio0.04%0.56%0.16%-0.39%p0.12%p
Effective tax rate11.6%7.0%11.2%4.2%p-0.4%p
Net loan/(deposit+retail bond) ratio (FX adjusted)68%72%73%2%p5%p
Capital adequacy ratio (consolidated, IFRS) - Basel216.9%18.3%16.5%-1.8%p-0.5%p
Tier1 ratio - Basel315.0%16.5%14.9%-1.6%p-0.1%p
Common Equity Tier 1 ('CET1') ratio - Basel315.0%16.5%14.9%-1.6%p-0.1%p

Share Data

 1Q 20184Q 20181Q 2019Q-o-QY-o-Y
EPS diluted (HUF) (from unadjusted net earnings)248297377-7%12%
EPS diluted (HUF) (from adjusted net earnings)30323934645%14%
Closing price (HUF)11,42011,29012,60012%10%
Highest closing price (HUF)11,75011,85012,98010%10%
Lowest closing price (HUF)10,7909,83511,27015%4%
Market Capitalization (EUR billion)10.29.811.012%7%
Book Value Per Share (HUF)5,6876,5246,6792%17%
Tangible Book Value Per Share (HUF)5,0745,9215,9741%18%
Price/Book Value2.01.71.99%-6%
Price/Tangible Book Value2.31.92.111%-6%
P/E (trailing, from accounting net earnings)10.99.910.89%-1%
P/E (trailing, from adjusted net earnings)10.89.710.58%-3%
Average daily turnover (EUR million)172218-20%4%
Average daily turnover (million share)

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