Treasury services

OTP Bank offers the following Treasury services to corporate clients:

  • Sale and purchase of securities: our portfolio contains exclusively securities with a state guarantee
  • Repo transaction: spot sale of securities and their repurchase at a future value date set at the time the contract conclusion
  • Spot FOREX sale and purchase transaction: FOREX conversion at a special exchange rate (approximating the market rate)
  • FOREX sale and purchase futures: sale and purchase of foreign currencies in pre-set amounts and at pre-set exchange rates at a pre-set future date
  • FOREX option: in the course of the option transaction you as the buyer of the option acquire the right to purchase or sell a set amount of foreign currency for forint or foreign currency at the price and at the date specified in the option contract, against the payment of a set fee.
  • IRS: mitigating the risk of future adverse change in interest rates, it allows for the possibility that variable rate interest expenses/income can be swapped for fixed rate interest expenses/income, without the terms and conditions of the related transaction having to be changed
  • Interest rate option: interest cap and floor transactions with case-based option agreements between two parties for loan/deposit rates
  • Treasury line: the company can request a loan to the charge of the freely available amount of the credit line under flexible terms and conditions for short maturity.

Capital market transactions

OTP Bank offers the following services in the Hungarian capital market to corporate clients:

  • Arrangement of securities placements (bond programs, public and private placements, etc.)
  • Underwriting
  • Paying agency services in connection with domestic bond issues

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