For a Successful Hungary Credit Programme

Forint loans - "For a Successful Hungary" Business Development Credit Programme

The objective of the Credit Programme is to provide assistance with modernisation improving the general competitiveness of Hungary’s economy, facilitate capital investments aimed at infrastructural and technological developments, promote the involvement of private funds in the provision of public services and provide an incentive for companies’ becoming global players.

A keyobjective of the Credit Programme is to grant loans at favourable interest rates to micro and small businesses in order to reinforce their role in employment, innovation and activity as suppliers and to help them with their environment protection and health care-related investments; it further aims to provide supplementary funds for invitations to tender for development and capital investments, especially for those published by the National Development Plan.

The loan granted within the framework of the Credit Programme at a favourable interest rate qualifies as a state subsidy, and as regards its form, it is a loan granted at a favourable interest rate.

The state subsidy granted within the Credit Programme cannot be consolidated with other state or community subsidies if the subsidy content (in the case of a de minimis subsidy) or the intensity (in the case of a subsidy falling under the scope of regulations on block exemption) of the amount thus aggregated exceeded the extent stipulated in the applicable law.

Main characteristics

  • Borrowers: micro and medium-sized businesses under Act XXXIV of 2004 on SMEs and subsidising SMEs enterprises and the support
  • Type of loan: long-term HUF-denominated capital investment loan
  • Manner of financing: a facility refinanced by MFB Rt.
  • Loan amount: HUF 5-1,000
  • Own funds: at least 15% to 25% of the net or – if the business entity cannot reclaim VAT, gross – cost of the capital investment, subject to loan purpose
  • Interest: 3-month EURIBOR + at most 4% p.a.
  • Handling fee: not charged
  • Project appraisal (loan appraisal) fee:
    as per the Public Announcement
  • Commitment fee: 0.25% p.a.
  • Pre-payment fee: not charged
  • Contract modification fee:
    as per the Public Announcement
  • Term: maximum 15 years
  • Commitment period: 2 years
  • Grace period: maximum 2 years
  • Repayment schedule: after the end of the grace period, quarterly repayment instalments.

The loan can be used for

  • investment in, acquisition or creation of tangible assets, the putting into service of the acquired tangible assets, expansion in the activities performed prior putting them into service in accordance with their intended purpose (e.g. delivery, putting into service, intermediation, etc.), in the activities that can be linked to acquisition (planning, preparation, arrangements) or in existing tangible assets.
  • the purchase of licences, know-how or production technology without legal protection directly linked to capital investment and developments and affecting the entire plant.
  • the financing of permanent current assets directly linked to the capital investment and development.

The tangible assets, patents, licences and know-how affecting the entire plant purchased from the loan must be recognised at historical cost under Sections 47, 48 and 51 of Act C of 2000 on Accounting.

For further information please visit the nearest OTP branch involved in corporate lending.

Corporate home loan

OTP Bank has a long-standing tradition in providing financial services to all participants in the residential property market. Relying on state subsidies, you can finance your company involved in the construction of residential property for sale or rent.

The loan purpose may be

  1. construction of residential property for private individuals for the purpose of sale, or
  2. construction of residential property for rent if contractors other than municipalities, public benefit companies and housing co-operatives undertake that they will, for at least 20 years, rent out the residential property constructed from the subsidised loan for the purpose of rent to private to individuals with whom they have neither ownership nor employment relationship or sell such residential property during the rent period. Failure to do so will lead to the repayment of the utilised amount of subsidy along with the interest due on it.

Who do we recommend it?


  • incorporated companies
  • unincorporated companies
  • private entrepreneurs


  • construct residential property for the purpose of sale or rent to private individuals and undertake to rent out the property for at least 20 years.
  • keep a bank account with OTP Bank and undertake to pay the proceeds (e.g. earnest money, advance payment by the buyer, purchase price) from the sale of the residential property into a separate blocked account opened with OTP Bank.
  • represent and warrant that they have not submitted a loan application to another credit institution or unit of OTP Bank in connection with the purpose indicated on the loan application form.

Terms and conditions of the loan

  • In the case of residential property constructed for the purpose of sale, loans with supplementary interest subsidy can be granted for the construction of such residential property the contractual purchase price of which, less the price of the building site and VAT included, does not exceed HUF 30 million.
  • In the case of residential property constructed for the purpose of rent, loans with supplementary interest subsidy can be granted for the construction of such residential property the contractual construction cost of which, less the price of the building site and VAT included, does not exceed HUF 30 million.
  • The loan applicant must take out property and liability insurance and insurance for the construction in progress which must remain valid until the full repayment of the loan and the loan rate. The insurance must be assigned to OTP Bank.
  • The applicant must provide evidence of his experience and present references.
  • The loan applicant should provide evidence of clean property registration and the fact that a lien can be registered.


  • The term cannot be longer that the expected date of the sale of the completed residential property.
  • In the case of residential property for rent it cannot be longer than 20 years.

Loan amount:

  • If for the purpose of sale: maximum 70% of the purchase price, but at most HUF 15 million.
  • If for the purpose of rent: maximum 70% of the construction costs, but at most HUF 15 million.

Maximum loan rate: benchmark rate + 4%

Proportion of interest subsidy: 60% of yield on government securities

Loan rate payable:

  • Maximum loan rate payable: gross interest + handling fee: (benchmark rate + 3%) + 1%
  • Gross rate: benchmark rate + 3%
  • Net interest payable by the client: (benchmark rate + 3%) – (60% of the yield on government securities)
  • Handling fee: 1%

Commitment fee: as per the Public Announcement

Loan appraisal fee: as per the Public Announcement

To complement the facility you can apply for market rate loan from OTP Bank’s own funds to finance the construction of residential or non-residential property (e.g. office space, outlets) that are provided without supplementary interest.

Exim loan

Loan purpose

The objective of the Hungarian Export Import Bank is to strengthen the competitiveness of Hungarian exporters in foreign markets and facilitate the export of Hungarian goods and services by providing financing – with an over 1 year’s maturity, under favourable conditions – the export deliveries by the SME sector. In order to attain these objectives EXIM Bank grants a refinancing loan to OTP Bank if the following conditions are met:

Eligible applicants

Eligible loan applicants shall be resident businesses under the provisions of Act XCV of 1995 on the foreign currency who

  • have been operating for at least one year since the date of foundation,
  • comply with OTP Bank’s loan appraisal criteria,
  • comply with Eximbank’s special requirements listed below:
  • have own funds equal to minimum 15% of the transactional amount to be financed (i.e. 85% of the foreign trade contract can be financed);
  • have a valid foreign trade contract or preliminary contract for the transaction to be financed,
  • 90% of the products and/or services are of Hungarian origin, which the loan applicant can evidence with “Certification of the Hungarian origin”.

Activities not eligible for financing

  • any activity that is in conflict with any statutory regulation,
  • outstanding public dues,
  • export financing,
  • indirect export and re-export activities,
  • exports of military equipment,
  • activities that violate public ethical standards,
  • activities that violate environmental protection regulations.

Terms and conditions

  • Loan amount: minimum USD 200,000 per transaction or its equivalent in euro (EUR); no cap on the loanable amount
  • Available currencies: USD, EUR
  • Term: over 2 years
  • Interest:
Interest rate: set when Eximbank signs the loan contract: remains unchanged during the entire term(CIRR based) the interest rate set by the Secretariat of OECD for a given period less 1 or 2%, depending on the size of the company and the product to be financed + max. 2%, but at least CIRR
Frequency of interest payment: immediately after utilisation of the loan or the first disbursementEvery 3 months

Other fees

  • Commitment fee: 0.5 %
  • Disbursement fee: one-off 0.5% per disbursement
  • Amount of disbursement: minimum USD 50,000 or EUR 40,000 per transaction and drawdown
  • Amount of repayment:  minimum USD 50,000 or EUR 40,000 per transaction
  • EPre-payment: notification must be provided 35 days before the planned date.



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