OTP Bank offers all traditional loans
(e.g. investment and working capital loans) to facilitate successful corporate operations.


OTP Bank and the Bank Group offer forint and foreign currency loans to help your company to achieve your goals successfully and profitably. Loans are available in HUF, EUR, USD, CHF and GBP. Depending in financing needs, we offer the following loans:

If any of the products are of interest

Bank guarantees

If your business partner requests your company to provide guarantee for the performance of its contractual obligations, consider submitting a mandate to the Bank to undertake guarantee. OTP Bank issues bank guarantee in both forint and foreign currency for the term you request.

Our bank guarantees:

Factoring and forfeiting

Purchase and assignment of receivables

Factoring means the purchase and assignment, prior to their due date, of short-term receivables with deferred payment, evidenced with a commercial contract and an invoice.

OTP Bank purchases your receivables for an amount less the interest due on the period between the date of the advance payment and the due date (i.e. at a discounted value). OTP Bank stipulates a right of recourse during the factoring process.

OTP Bank concludes both case-based and master agreements for a factoring credit line. We recommend that you conclude a master agreement if your company has a stable and permanent contract-based supplier-buyer relationship with the obligor. Based on the master agreement for a factoring credit line, OTP Bank accepts invoices for factoring up to a determined amount within a set period of time. The credit line may also be revolving credit within a one-year period.

How does it benefit your company?

  • Factoring enables you to have immediate access to cash.
  • Factoring helps you finance an increase in your accounts receivable.
  • Factoring does not require a banker’s draft, the assignment of the commercial invoice will suffice.
  • The factoring credit line can also be used to factor EU grants.

Terms and conditions

Bill of exchange

OTP Bank accepts B/E’s for discount or collection. Discounting means the purchase of a B/E prior to its due date for an amount less the interest due on the period between the date of the discount and the due date. In the case of B/E’s accepted for collection, OTP Bank enforces the claim stipulated in the B/E from the obligor at the due date.

How does it benefit your company?

  • Discounting of B/E’s enables you to have immediate access to cash.
  • Discounting of B/E’s does not require a banker’s draft, the endorsement of the B/E to the Bank will suffice.
  • At the due date the Bank performs the tasks related to collection.

Terms and conditions

  • Term: short-term


A market leader, Merkantil Bank relies on its experience in vehicle financing in managing the risks implied in the various loan transactions.

Our product range helps you find the type of financing that best suits your needs and expectations.

Merkantil Bank offers your company the following products:

  • vehicle financing
  • financing of production equipment and machinery
  • real estate leasing

Project financing

Depending on the amount of the financing requirement and other characteristics of the transaction at hand, OTP Bank provides a project financing loan either on its own or, in the case of a large-amount loan, through open-market syndication or a club deal(involving a limited number of banks).

Since the early days of project financing in Hungary, OTP Bankhas played an important role in the domestic market. Accordingly, this type of financing has come to represent an increasingly high share in its credit portfolio OTP Bank as Hungary’s largest bank has unique experience in financing capital investments in the energy, telecommunications and real estate sector, infrastructural investments and deal structuring.

The operations of the Project Financing Division, operating as an organisational unit of the Treasury and Structured Financing Directorate, include, in addition to project financing, other financing transactions that are feasible under special arrangements, e.g. the granting of loans for acquisition.

Main characteristics of project financing loans

Due to the characteristics, primarily the complexity, of project financing, OTP Bank recommends the taking out of a project financing loan in the case of project costs amounting several hundred million forints or when the need for borrowing from banks arises. As regards the potential ceiling for loans, OTP Bank’s strong capital potential, compared to that of other actors in the Hungarian banking system, allows, as a rule, greater flexibility.

The term of the loan is determined on the basis of discussions with the client and the characteristics of the given industry and the transaction at hand, mainly the expected cash flow of the project.

The Bank provides both forint and foreign currency-based financing at an interest rate set on the basis of the appropriate benchmark interest rates (BUBOR, LIBOR, EURIBOR, etc.).

Broadly speaking, in respect of loan documentation, the Bank considers the standards applied to Euroloan agreements and other project-specific requirements as governing.

Data and information to be provided by the client

In order to be able to perform a financial assessment of the transaction, OTP Bank Nyrt. requests basic documents and information concerning the project, the sponsors of the project and the borrowers, thus, inter alia,

  • a detailed description of the project,
  • the borrower’s basic legal and business documents,
  • information that sheds light on the financial standing of the sponsors of the project (e.g. annual reports, references, etc.),
  • a detailed engineering plan of and a time scheduling for the capital investment,
  • market analyses, financial plans and feasibility studies prepared by the client or external experts,
  • contracts concluded or to be concluded in connection with the project, and
  • any other information linked to the project.

Contact details

Project Financing and Acquisition Directorate
dr. Németh Miklós, director

Address: 1131 Budapest, Babér u. 9.
Mailing address: 1876 Budapest, Nádor u.16.

Telephone number: (1) 298-3048
Facsimile number: (1) 298-4225


Syndicated lending and international financing

In the field of syndicated lending and international financing OTP Bank Plc offers the following services to its local and international clients:

  • Arrangement of syndicated and club loans
  • Participation in local and international syndicated and club loans
  • Structured finance transactions

Should you need any further information on our services please contact our colleagues:

Global Financial Institutions, Loans and Trade Finance Department

Mr. Péter Gádor Director
Tel.: +36 1 298 4340

Mr. Balázs Fekete Deputy Director
Tel.: +36 1 298 4344



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