European Union grants

OTP Bank provides assistance to companies that apply for EU funds. The Bank’s support ranges  from consultancy on compilation of applications, granting financing facilities to the implementation of projects. The Bank provides assistance not only for applicant businesses, but also companies implementing project.

Regional client assistants

You can consult highly skilled client assistants, who provide free of charge consultancy services on EU matters in every region. We offer basic level tender-related consultancy services and help select the appropriate form of financing in person.

Our consultancy firm: OTP Hungaro-Projekt Kft.

In 2002 OTP Bank established its consultancy firm specialising in EU subsidies. The objective of OTP Hungaro-Projekt is to guarantee the success of applications by helping the compilation of quality applications and offering financing.

Our motto: "Support from the Bank throughout the entire project cycle"

OTP Hungaro-Projekt offers its clients consultancy services, enabling them to work out their development concepts and compile subsequent applications. When mandated, the company also provides assistance with the implementation of successful applications. Project management is guaranteed by OTP Garancia Insurance Company’s liability insurance. OTP Hungaro-Projekt also arranges financing for its clients to facilitate successful implementation. Our company is an accredited advisor of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and work in co-operation with the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

Recommended financing facilities

We offer your company numerous forms of financing to help finance its participation in EU tenders, replace its own funds, effect advance payments on subsidies and when the bank guarantees are needed.



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