Liquidity management

Needs of the company

  • A balanced cashflow
  • Higher profitability
  • Cost reduction

OTP Bank’s solutions

  • Stabilised bank account balances
  • Higher deposit rates, lower costs
  • Stable cash flows , liquidity surplus, reduction in costs

Pooling services

Pooling services

  • Main accounts
  • Sub-accounts
  • Appraisal of pooled coverage
  • Centralised pool management

With flexible cash pool management options

  • Internal interest set on a case basis for the internal financing of the company
  • Pooling of balances
  • Overdrafts linked to member’s accounts

Remote access account management

  • OTP Electra Terminal
  • Real time bank account and pool management during banking hours
  • Customised options
  • Support for SAP compatible data export

International cash pooling services

Our MT 101 and MT 940 SWIFT messages support your company’s international cash management, which in turn enables you to dispose over the accounts of the parent company’s subsidiary that are kept with us and receive a bank statement on their turnover



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