Batch payments

By means of salary payment and direct debit orders

  • your company can - with the intermediation of one single bank- transfer the income of your employees to their retail accounts kept with other financial institutions, and
  • service providers can - with the intermediation of their respective account-keeping banks- debit accounts kept with other financial institutions.

Salary payments and batch transfers

Consider it


  • your company intends to transfer wages and other wage-type disbursements to your employees with the intermediation of our Bank
  • pay  pension fund and health fund contributions – damages paid by insurance companies for insured events, excess payments transferred back by service providers – with the intermediation of our Bank
  • pay utility bills.

OTP Bank’s batch transfer service is a one-stop solution to the above.

How do OTP Bank’s services benefit your company?

As opposed to the former practice of having to establish transfer and processing-related relationships with several banks, your company needs to establish a business relationship only with OTP Bank in order to be able to initiate transfers to the credit of all the bank accounts affected.

OTP Bank can grant significant discounts to its clients holding a corporate bank account with it, since

  • the majority of the beneficiaries of the transfers keep their accounts with us. Accordingly, intra-bank items can be credited to the accounts of the beneficiaries without delay, with same-day value date but no later than at such a point of time that enables the account holder to freely dispose over the credited amount from the start of the business hours at branches on the following banking day or in the case of bank cards from 8:00 in the following morning.

It follows from the above that your money can earn interest on the bank account of your company for a day longer, and you need to fully fund your account only a day later.

OTP Electra Terminal enables your company to provide funds for multiple transfers from the registered office of your company.

You may submit your instructions for transactions inside and outside the bank in a consolidated manner in which case the Bank breaks them down into internal and external items.

Direct debit

Objective of the service

The billing company – which is typically a service provider – may initiate the collection of its fees at one single bank which is its account-keeping bank.

Consider it if you are…

a public utility (water, gas, electricity) company, a telephone company, a cable provider or an insurance company.

Why choose OTP Bank?

Because you only need one single bank to initiate your collections.

OTP Bank’s advantages originate from the fact that that most retail accounts are kept with it.In the case of collections initiated at the Bank we can execute the collection instructions within the framework of internal processing which enables your company to save considerable costs.

As internally processed items only take one day to be processed the amount in question is credited to the bank account of your company on the day following the date of the debit, i.e. with the value date of debiting the relevant client’s account.



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