OTP Bank manages financial operations of corporations and agricultural enterprises at a high professional standard.

If the company needs versatile services to its outmost satisfaction then OTP Bank is the answer. OTP Bank is efficiently going about managing your corporate bank account, whether in forint or foreign currency.

Account opening

The Bank opens a corporate forint account in conformity with the effective statutory regulations on account transactions and on the basis of the documents evidencing the launch and registration of your company’s activities (a licence for the establishment of your company or the start of its operations).
Documents required for account opening...


...a safe and convenient solution to the management of corporate cash flows

Business cards

Linked to corporate bank accounts, the business cards issued by OTP Bank enable the company to have safe and easy global access to funds and effect payments without worries about security and in hassle-free way all over the world.

Additional services linked to our bankcards also serve the interests of our clients and the protection of their funds.