OTP Treasury renamed as OTP Global Markets

Publikálva: 2020. május 14. global markets

OTP Bank Treasury has a brand new name: OTP Global Markets. The move reflects wide organizational restructuring and service upscaling, that will position OTP Global Markets as a significant regional market playerin investment services, with a uniquely broad product and client portfolio.

OTP Group is present in 12 countries within the CEE region, where through a bold expansion strategy it has become a key financial serviceprovider in the recent years. As a result the Group now serves over 19 million retail, corporate and institutional clients through its branch network and online channels, and is a market leader in several countries. During this time OTP Bank Regional Treasury also experienced robust growth. Last year OTP Group’s capital market experts served some 19,000 corporate, retail and institutional clients throughout the region.

The name Global Markets was chosen to capture the wide range of international and group-level financial market services that OTP Group now offers.OTP Group conducts trading and sales activities in all its target markets following uniform principles and standards. In recent years, OTP Group’s treasury business has added Debt and Equity Capital Market activities, as well as Securities Services to its activities. The progress does not stop here! Going forward, even more emphasis is placed on group-level solutions, research and investment advisory services. Institutional clients are presented with group-level access to international fixed income and equity markets, as well as with derivative trading opportunities.

"OTP Global Markets is expanding its palette of services and restructuring its operations with the strategic aim of shaping and strengthening the group-level delivery of uniform financial market services, while ensuring the high quality execution that our retail, corporate and institutional clients expect from us. Our goal is to become a dominant regional market player over the coming years, with a uniquely broad product and client portfolio in the field of investment services.” , said Attila Bánfi, Managing Director of OTP Global Markets.

2019 was undoubtedly the best year so far in the history of the business line and, as a result of continuous service development, the Group’s experts forecast significant expansion of client portfolios in the coming years.

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