Retail banking

Account management

If so, then OTP Bank's retail current account package will meet your needs. You can access your account from any OTP Bank branch regardless of where you opened your account, just as our existing 2 million customers do.

If you are a Hungarian or a foreign citizen and are 18 years of age or older, you can open a retail current account at OTP Bank. No minimum deposit is required. There are many different services offered through your account, which together will satisfy your most complex banking needs.



If you would like to reach higher yield, than the deposit interest rate, invest a part of your
saving money into securities! You can easily choose from our wide securities product range, that contains
domestic and foreign government bonds, shares, OTP Bond, mortgages, mutual funds and certificates as well.



With an OTP bankcard you can enjoy the convenience of accessing your money whenever you want, without having to visit a branch.



With OTPdirekt, you are free to choose the channel - telephone, mobile phone or Internet - through which to manage your finances, and in a way that matches your needs and lifestyle.


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