Who is it recommended for?

You would benefit from opening an OTP Securities Account if you

Who can open it?

You can open an OTP Securities Account if you

  • have a payment account with our bank, and
  • provide us with your tax ID for the eventuality that your transactions may have tax implications (e.g. dividends, capital gains).

Who can manage the account?

An OTP Securities Account may be managed by

  • the account holder (only account holder is permitted),
  • a permanent representative registered for the account, and
  • an ad hoc proxy who is authorised by the account holder for a specific transaction.

How does it work?

  1. Opening an account

    You can open a securities account at any time and at any one of our branches, or in the new OTP internetbank and mobilbank, provided that you already have a payment account with us.

    If you do not have a payment account with our bank yet, you can open one at any one of our branches when you opening your OTP Securities Account.

  2. Savings

    You can use your securities account to buy securities, i.e. investment units, government securities, bonds, shares or other securities, both occasionally and regularly.

How to apply?

Book an appointment to an OTP Bank branch

Find the branch nearest to you and book an appointment online.

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