New Chairman takes the helm at OTP Fund Management Ltd.’s Board of Directors

Publikálva: 2021. október 6. kinevezések

On 5 October 2021 the General Meeting of OTP Fund Management Ltd. elected Attila Bánfi as member of the Board of Directors and subsequently appointed him to serve as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Bánfi joined OTP Bank nearly 10 years ago, and at present is the managing director of the OTP Global Markets, operating at group level, and also comprising OTP Private Banking. The objective of Mr. Bánfi’s new mandate is to further strengthen the regional presence of OTP Group by extending the products of the largest domestic fund manager 1 across the Group and to harness tighter cooperation in order to provide clients with access to a broader range of products and services.

Attila Bánfi has over 20 years of national as well as international professional experience in money and capital markets, investment services and asset management. Between 2006–2011, Mr. Bánfi headed the Treasury of the Serbian Banca Intesa Beograd as part of the present-day Intesa Sanpaolo group before taking charge of the Investment Banking business line of the Ukrainian subsidiary for 3 years. After obtaining his PhD degree, Mr. Bánfi subsequently joined OTP Bank. Initially, he was in charge of the Hungarian treasury business line before taking over as managing director of the Regional Treasury Directorate in January 2019. After a period of dynamic growth, the domain went through a transformation to continue its expanded activities as OTP Global Markets, the new name signifying this change. Among other things, the OTP Global Markets exercises group-level control over OTP Private Banking, the Bank’s investment service activity, issuance and custody management services, institutional networking, discretional portfolio management and the Markets (formerly Treasury) business line.

Bánfi Attila

Relying on the strong regional presence of OTP Group, the OTP Global Markets offers a broad spectrum of international money and capital market services, as well as custody, investment and ancillary services across the Group in a total of 11 countries. The vision of OTP Global Markets is to ensure that clients in all countries where OTP Group is present have access, irrespective of their location, to the same high-quality service model and receive the same outstanding level of services while being offered the full product range of the financial institution. In addition to his new mandate, Attila Bánfi serves on the Board of Directors of the Budapest Stock Exchange and on the Board of the Russian OJSC OTP Bank.

OTP Fund Management Ltd. is the largest asset management company in Hungary; as at 31 August 2021, its total assets managed in investment funds and institutional portfolios exceeded HUF 1,715 billion. Based on data published by the Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies, the Company’s share in the Hungarian market of public securities and special funds amounts to 24.78%. It was among the first companies to be established in the Hungarian asset management market in 1993. It has been managing public, open-end equity funds since 1996, pension funds since 2000 and other institutional portfolios since 2002. Besides traditional money market, bond, mixed and equity funds, retail clients can choose from numerous special products such as absolute return derivative funds, commodity funds, the green thematic equity fund, target date funds, and EUR or USD denominated mutual fund series. The main distributor of the funds offered by OTP Fund Management is OTP Bank Plc., but the funds are also available from an additional 10 investment service providers primarily within the framework of private banking services. In line with the Central and Eastern European strategy of OTP Bank, OTP Fund Management Ltd. and the subsidiaries of OTP Bank have established joint subsidiaries in Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine to issue and manage investment funds for local clients.

1 Based on data released by the Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies

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