OTP Group

Owing to economic and legal considerations, OTP Group provides its universal financial services through several subsidiaries. In Hungary traditional banking operations are performed by the Bank while specialized services, including car leasing, investment funds are developed and offered by the Bank's subsidiaries. Insurance claims of OTP Group clients are supplied by sales of insurance products with strategic collaboration with French insurance company, Groupama, after its OTP Garancia acquisition.

OTP Bank

Owing to economic and legal considerations OTP Bank provides its universal financial services through several subsidiaries.

Merkantil Group

Merkantil Group is one of the market leaders in car financing in Hungary.

OTP Fund Management

OTP Fund Management Ltd is the largest Hungarian institutional investor and the best-capitalised organisation concentrating purely on asset management on the Hungarian market.

OTP Building Society

It is the market leader in the building society savings market offering saving opportunities that entitle the savers to state subsidies, tax allowances.

OTP National Health Fund

The main activity of the Health Fund is the organisation and finance of public and individual health care programmes.

OTP Pension Fund

One of the biggest members in voluntary pension fund market in terms of total assets and membership.

OTP Travel

OTP Travel as a significant member
of the Hungarian tourism market
deals with air ticket sales, event management and the organisation
of domestic and foreign travels.

OTP Real Estate Lease

The biggest member of Hungarian retail flat leasing market. Offering leasing services of new and used flats for private, corporate customers and for local governments.

OTP Real Estate

OTP Ingatlanpont is one of the leading real estate agencies thanks to its nationwide coverage and its dynamically growing portfolio of mainly exclusive assignments.

OTP Real Estate Fund Management

The Company was established to manage the portfolio of the OTP Real Estate Fund.

OTP Mortgage Bank

The subsidiary was established to provide subsidized mortgage bonds based housing loans completing the range of housing loans offered by the Bank Group.

OTP Hungaro-Projekt

Besides general strategic consulting the main activity of OTP Hungaro-Projekt Ltd. is offering project preparation and management services for the use of EU Funds.

OTP Factoring

OTP Factoring Ltd. is the largest corporation in the country purchasing and collecting receivables.

OTP Factoring Asset Management

Main business activities include management and sales of real estate collateral transferred by OTP Factoring Ltd.

International subsidiaries

After the realisation of its own privatisation process, OTP Bank started its international expansion targeting countries in the CEE region, which offer great economic growth potentials similar to Hungary. OTP Bank has completed several successful acquisitions in the past years, becoming a key player in the region.

OTP Group currently operates in Albania (Banka OTP Albania SHA), Bulgaria (DSK Bank AD), Croatia (OTP banka d.d.), Romania (OTP Bank Romania S.A.), Serbia (OTP banka Srbija akcionarsko društvo Novi Sad), Ukraine (Joint -Stock Company OTP Bank), Russia (Joint Stock Company “OTP Bank”), Moldova (OTP Bank S.A.), Montenegro (Crnogorska komercijalna banka AD Podgorica) and Slovenia (SKB banka d.d. Ljubljana) via its subsidiaries.

OTP Bank d.d.

OTP banka with a national network is the fourth largest player in the Croatian banking market in terms of total assets.

OTP Bank Romania

OTP Bank Romania offers a wide range of financial services, it is retail clients that constitute the main focus of the Romanian bank.


The market leader in the Bulgarian banking market provides its clients with a full range of financial services.

Banka OTP Albania SHA

The fifth largest bank in Albania, serving both retail and corporate clients.


As a step of its regional expansion, OTP Bank has entered the Ukrainian banking market.

JSC “OTP Bank”

As a significant stage of the regional expansion OTP Bank acquired the Moscow based Investsberbank Group which’s activity cover approximately 80 percent of the territory of Russia.

Crnogorska komercijalna banka

The largest banking institution in Montenegro. As a universal bank, it is active in both the retail and corporate segments.

OTP Bank S.A.

The fourth largest bank in Moldova and is active as a universal bank in both the retail and corporate segments.

OTP banka Srbija

The largest banking institution in Serbia. As a universal bank, it is active in both the retail and corporate segments.

SKB d.d.

4th largest bank in Slovenia. As a universal bank, it is active in both the retail and corporate segments.


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