We develop personalized strategies for our clients, consisting of several options, if, for example, they wish to profit from the increase in the exchange rate of the underlying product or if they want to sell or buy a specific currency at a more favourable level than the "market" forward rate.

Straddle and strangle options

  • The simultaneous buying or selling of two options (a call and a put).
  • The strike price of the two options can be the same (straddle) or different (strangle).
  • The seller wants to profit from the increase in volatility.
  • The strategies theoretically offer infinite profit potential, while losses are limited (premium).
  • In the case of a buying strategy, the main risk is the unchanged or slight change in the price of the base product.

Improved forward transaction (double KO forward)

A more favourable level than the forwards price can be achieved by assuming a certain knock-out level. An improved forwards transaction is a structure consisting of two options (one put and one call) with the same parameters (maturity, knock-out price level).

Range forwards (risk reversal)

In contrast to the pointlike form of the classic forwards price, it diverts the forwards price between two predetermined levels, in one range. Range forwards provide the future minimum and maximum exchange rates, and in the intermediate range, conversions can be made at the market price at maturity. A range forwards strategy with a knock-out level improves the price range available to the client.

  • The strategy consists of a purchased/written put option and a written/purchased call option at a higher strike price.
  • It can protect an investor who wants to protect against a fall in the price of one of their assets, such as a stock (purchased put and written call).
  • The premium payable for the purchased option can be partially or completely offset by the premium received for the written option—the strategy can be concluded so that the fee for the purchased option is equal to the fee for the sold option.

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Information on the suspension of the market making obligation (available only in Hungarian)

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Notice on the uEMIR Notice se of LEI CODES

Disclosure of information pursuant to Article 11 (11) of the EMIR Regulation

Information for Clients on MiFID

Global Markets ex-ante cost transparency information (available only in Hungarian)

The data to be published on the quality of execution of transactions according to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/575 (available only in Hungarian)

Information on the identity of execution venues and on the quality of execution according to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/576 (available only in Hungarian)

Systematic internaliser - quotes

Notice on the use of LEI CODES

Direct and indirect clearing services in respect of certain derivative transactions announcement

Key Information Documents – PRIIPs KIDs

Notice - on the impacts of the pandemic emergency on the money and capital markets

Notice - on the collateralisation of long-term investment combined securities account and long-term investment securities account - cash accounts

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