IMP³rove consulting for stronger innovation

Are you looking for solid benchmarks in innovation management? Does your company’s innovation strategy, organisation, culture, life cycle management or enabling factors facilitate the innovation? Which areas should be reviewed? What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses?

IMP³rove offers the platform for IMProving Innovation Management Performance with sustainable IMPact. The IMP³rove Assessment effectively analyses all these aspects providing transparency on your company’s competitiveness and innovation management performance. Our IMP3rove certified consultants provide assistance with the assessment and give professional advice regarding the causes and fixes of problems in innovation management.

Development is always based on innovation – it is true in the field of economy to the extent as in all other areas of life. EU and government grants supporting innovation activities provide outstanding opportunities for businesses, universities, research institutes and non-profit research organisations alike.

R&D and innovation activities are inevitable activities for companies to maintain and increase their competitiveness. For the moment business enterprises are eligible to apply for grants for creating prototype products, basic and applied research as well as experimental research activities. Once the enhanced product (or service) prototype comes to existence, the company is entitled to further EU and government grants to establish infrastructure (real estate, purchase of equipment, know-how, production licenses etc.) necessary for mass production.

Universities and research institutes may join companies in R&D projects and they are eligible for grants covering a maximum of 85% of their project costs. The involvement of such partners brings about considerable increase in the volume and scope of the projects and also enhances effectiveness and complexity.

Accredited, developing or just recently launched clusters are among the top target groups of innovation and R&D funds. These clusters are eligible for grants to cover their operation costs, to set up cluster strategies, to gain accreditation or to develop various projects. Members of the accredited innovation clusters are eligible for grants as much as 55% per cent of their total project costs which is 10 percentage points higher than in the case of other type of applicants.

During a free personal consultation, our consultants assess your company’s activities and development needs and help articulate potential project ideas to be matched with the available grants. Based on the output of this process, we prepare your company’s Innovation Plan to be used as a basis for all your future applications for EU grants, bank loans or venture capital funding.


  • Turkey
    Technical Assistance for the Operation
    "Employment and Social Support Services
    Coordination and Implementation Model
    for the Integration of Disadvantaged Persons"

  • HR-Zagreb
    IPA – The new approaches of CES in
    delivering services to clients

  • RS-Belgrade
    IPA – Technical assistance to the Serbian
    authorities for the management of
    pre-accession assistance

  • MK-Skopje
    IPA – Support to the fight against
    undeclared work

  • RS-Pristina
    IPA – Support to Kosovo's policy
    and strategic planning

  • RS-Belgrade
    IPA – Technical assistance to support direct grant
    management in the field of employment policy


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