The aim of OTP Hungaro-Projekt is to provide its corporate and municipal clients with a wide range of financial, technical and professional consultancy services. During the work process, we do our best in order to find the most appropriate solutions for our clients in the fields of R&D&I projects, innovation processes and financial risk assessment.

We assign a dedicated consultant to assist the entire project cycle from beginning to end so that our clients could be served at the highest possible standards. This is the philosophy we follow when it comes to financial consultancy or financial risk assessment. Our expertise knows no boundaries − we deliver our services through an international consultancy network to help our clients find the best solutions not only in Hungary but also in the neighbouring countries.

Our consultants

Our team consists of more than 50 experts working for the satisfaction of our clients along the following principles:

  • project-oriented approach
  • partnership
  • reliability
  • honesty
  • flexibility
  • predictability
  • stability

International activities

In line with the international expansion of the OTP Group, we have been successfully operating a subsidiary in Romania since 2007.

Membership of OTP Hungaro-Projekt

  • ICT Association of Hungary
  • Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Hungarian Development Bank Private Limited Company
  • Hotel Association of Hungary, associated member
  • Joint Venture Association, member
  • Hungarian Biotechnology Association, member
  • Hungarian Association for Innovation, member
  • Hungarian Project Management Association, Silver Sponsor and member
  • Hungarian Society for Urban Planning, Golden Sponsor and member
  • German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Áron Boros managing director is member of the Hungarian Association of Executives


  • Turkey
    Technical Assistance for the Operation
    "Employment and Social Support Services
    Coordination and Implementation Model
    for the Integration of Disadvantaged Persons"

  • HR-Zagreb
    IPA – The new approaches of CES in
    delivering services to clients

  • RS-Belgrade
    IPA – Technical assistance to the Serbian
    authorities for the management of
    pre-accession assistance

  • MK-Skopje
    IPA – Support to the fight against
    undeclared work

  • RS-Pristina
    IPA – Support to Kosovo's policy
    and strategic planning

  • RS-Belgrade
    IPA – Technical assistance to support direct grant
    management in the field of employment policy


Financial partners

OTP Bank OTP Bank

Merkantil Bank PortfoLion

Professional partners

Hungarian Project Management Association Joint Venture Association

Mobility and Multimedia Cluster Hungarian Association for Innovation

Schuman Associates Ateknea Solutions