Using energy for the heating and lighting of their homes and buildings, Hungarian citizens and the commercial sector are responsible for 40% of the overall energy consumption of Hungary. If these buildings were all well insulated with some use of renewable energy resources, energy security could be maintained for the future generations.

To this end, the various tenders under the New Széchenyi Plan support the following activities with non-refundable grants:

  • energy efficiency improvement;
  • improvement the technological capabilities of the heating of buildings (insulation, replacement of doors and windows);
  • modernization of heating, cooling and hot water systems;
  • modernization of heating, cooling and hot water systems of commercial buildings (only those investments are eligible for funding which are not directly related to production);
  • modernization of lighting systems;
  • energy optimisation activities combined with the use of renewable energy resources, pilot projects for the popularization of more sustainable consumer goods and ways of living.
  • All kinds of companies such as government agencies and institutions, public education and higher education institutions and non-profit companies are eligible as beneficiaries. Grant intensity may vary between 40 to 85% according to the regional grant intensity map.
  • The Environment and Energy Operational Programme includes as one of its objectives to ensure all pre-conditions and financial resources for local governments to be able to fulfil the Hungarian and European rules and regulations regarding environment issues. There are several problems to be solved in the following sectors: municipal sewerage and waste water treatment, sludge treatment and recovery, liquid waste treatment, drinking water quality improvement, flood control, remediation of contaminated land, habitat protection and restoration, protection of inanimate natural assets and mitigating the naturally harmful effect of linear facilities.

These projects are large-scale infrastructure investments, therefore the grant intensity shall vary between 90 to 100%, while part of the own resources might also be covered by government subsidies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to check your chances to participate in any of the above tenders and make use of our services to help prepare your application.


  • Turkey
    Technical Assistance for the Operation
    "Employment and Social Support Services
    Coordination and Implementation Model
    for the Integration of Disadvantaged Persons"

  • HR-Zagreb
    IPA – The new approaches of CES in
    delivering services to clients

  • RS-Belgrade
    IPA – Technical assistance to the Serbian
    authorities for the management of
    pre-accession assistance

  • MK-Skopje
    IPA – Support to the fight against
    undeclared work

  • RS-Pristina
    IPA – Support to Kosovo's policy
    and strategic planning

  • RS-Belgrade
    IPA – Technical assistance to support direct grant
    management in the field of employment policy


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