DSK Bank PLC, licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank, has been providing custodian and depository services since 2004 and takes one of the leading positions in the domestic capital market in providing custody services.

DSK Bank is a custodian of pension funds in compliance with the provisions of the Social Security Code. The Bank performs and functions as depository bank of special investment purpose companies and treaty funds.


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NewsFlash from Bulgaria

Public holidays in 2024

DatePublic Holiday
6 SeptemberUnification Day of Bulgaria
22-23 SeptemberIndependence Day
24 DecemberChristmas Eve
25 DecemberChristmas Day
26 December2nd Day of Christmas
  • Date6 SeptemberPublic HolidayUnification Day of Bulgaria
  • Date22-23 SeptemberPublic HolidayIndependence Day
  • Date24 DecemberPublic HolidayChristmas Eve
  • Date25 DecemberPublic HolidayChristmas Day
  • Date26 DecemberPublic Holiday2nd Day of Christmas

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