With an OTP bankcard you can enjoy the convenience of accessing your money
whenever you want, without having to visit a branch.

Which card do we recommend for you?

To complement your OTP Retail Current Account, you can apply for online cards that can only be used electronically, or for embossed (offline) MasterCard and VISA international cards, which are widely accepted around the world.

f you do not have a forint account, then we offer MasterCard foreign currency cards to complement your Euro-based Foreign Currency Account.


Online cards


MasterCard Online


Multipont Maestro PayPass

BetetiKartya_MCO_ISICSimple MCO PayPass  

MasterCard Online ISIC

Simple MCO PayPass


Offline (embossed) cards


VISA Classic

MasterCard Standard

Multipont MasterCard Premium

MasterCard to Euro-based
Foreign Currency Account


For what other transactions can you use your cards besides
cash withdrawal and purchases?

  • At ATMs designed for such purposes, you can use what is known as the "envelope deposit" function to deposit money into your account. The amount is credited to your account within three banking days from the deposit transaction, but interest calculated as of the transaction date.
  • You can use OTP ATMs to inquire the current balance on your current account.
  • You can change the PIN code of your bankcard.
  • You can set or change your purchase daily limit.
  • You can top-up your T-Mobile, Telenor or T-Com pre-paid phone cards.
  • You can activate your new bankcard or your new PIN code.

Recommendations for the safe use of bankcards

OTP Bank intends to provide the highest level of safety for its clients for the arrangement of financial matters. Our Bank does its best to protect the interests of its clients but your cooperation is also essential.

Below we would like to provide you with a few pieces of advice about how you can use your bankcard safely so that you will not face any inconveniences in the future.

Lost or stolen card?

  • The quickest way is via menu-point 0 of the OTPdirekt automated telephone service. Just dial (06 1) 3 666 666 or (06 40) 366 666, then choose menu-point 0. You need to know the number and expiry date of your card in order to block it, so please memorise them.
  • You can also block your card via the OTP HelpDesk on (06 1) 3666 000, or at any OTP branch. In the latter case, all you need to present is a valid form of ID to have your card blocked.

If you think there's been a mistake regarding a bankcard transaction already posted to your account,
you can make a inquiry to our bank by filling in a Card inquiries form,
available at the bank's branches or on its website.