OTP Bank is a significant regional custody provider in the Central and South-eastern European markets. Currently, our high quality and customer-oriented securities services are available in six countries in the region under the name of OTP Global Securities Services (OTP GSS). Our customers’ trust in our services is demonstrated by the fact that total assets under custody was over EUR 24 billion by end of 2022. Detailed information on the services and individual countries in English can be found on the OTP GSS page.

Global Securities Services in Hungary

OTP Bank GSS has been providing custody and depositary services in Hungary to a wide range of institutional investors, such as banks, brokerage firms, securities and real estate investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies since the mid-1990s. The value of the financial assets in custody exceeds HUF 3,000 billion.

The experience of our custody team of 24 custody professionals allows us to provide high-quality services. We are particularly proud to have been one of the first to start the custody activities of securities and real estate mutual funds, thus accumulating unique knowledge in this client segment.

Main securities services

  • securities account management for Hungarian and foreign securities (for more than 50 markets), safekeeping and registration of securities
  • settlement of domestic and foreign stock exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) transactions
  • accurate processing and reporting of mandatory and voluntary corporate action events
  • income collections (e.g. interest, dividends, principal repayments) in view of the tax status of the client
  • support for tax refunds
  • representation at general meetings and proxy voting
  • net asset value calculation
  • ensuring the compliance of investment limitations with legislation and client investment policies(limit monitoring)
  • escrow services

Real estate funds

The custody of real estate funds requires special knowledge and experience, with regard to the collection of income and expenses related to real estate, as well as the provision of legal opinions on purchase and mortgage contracts.

At the end of 2022, we provided custody services for assets of seven real estate funds in the value of over HUF 530 billion.

Securities Services experts

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