Our team relies on its outstanding capital markets experience to assist existing and future issuers in achieving their financing/capital structure goals through maximizing transaction value.

In case of both debt (DCM) and equity (ECM) products, our experts support our clients through every step from deal preparation, process, execution, and after-market considerations including closing and settlement.

Key areas of expertise (What we can do for you)


  • Optimal transaction structure design
  • Developing pricing considerations and criteria
  • Access to our extensive relationships with a wide variety of investors
  • Expert insights on market conditions, and optimal transaction timing

Transaction management

  • Preparing and managing the process timetable
  • Coordination of all participating advisors (e.g., auditors, legal counsels, etc.)
  • Providing support related to the approval procedure of the relevant authorities and assisting in follow-on submissions - as necessary
  • Coordination with the central counterparty clearing house (CCP) and the stock exchange
  • Securities Exchange admissions support

Documentation support

  • Participation in the transaction documents drafting and review of marketing materials
  • Assistance in the preparation of roadshow presentations and related materials

Sales process

  • Orchestrating local—and international—sales campaigns with OTP Global Markets sales experts
  • Investor roadshows organisation, and support of the Company’s management in preparing for investor presentations
  • Executing auctions, bookbuilding and/or subscription process
  • Supporting in CCP process, allocation, and settlement services

Related services

  • Provision of paying agency services
  • In case of listed securities, market making performed by OTP Global Markets

Our references

OTP Bank ranks among the leading investment banking firms in Hungary and has been a key partner for corporations in bond issuances in the past years. In 2021, OTP Bank was also active in international markets, acted as Joint Bookrunner in the first Eurobond issue of MVM Group and as joint lead manager in two sovereign Eurobond issues for Croatia and Albania. In addition, OTP Bank was the Lead Arranger in 14 bond and mortgage bond issues in Hungary in the total nominal value of HUF 865 billion. In the first five months of 2022 OTP Bank has arranged 10 bond issuances with a total value of HUF 350 billion.

In 2021, OTP Bank has debuted with the biggest and most successful equity transaction in the Hungarian Capital Markets in recent years. As sole Lead Manager and Bookrunner OTP Bank helped AutoWallis raise a record HUF 10 billion capital from both retail and institutional investors. The deal was heavily oversubscribed, HUF 17 billion subscription application was submitted for an originally HUF 6-8 billion offering.

  • Államadósság Kezelő Központ

    Eurobond issuance at a total nominal value of
    EUR 1,000,000,000

    Joint Lead Manager

    November 2022

  • OTP Bank

    Eurobond issuance at a total nominal value of
    EUR 650,000,000

    Joint Lead Manager

    November 2022

  • OTP Bank

    Bond issuance at a total nominal value of
    HUF 25,563,070,000

    programme arranger, market dealer, paying agent

    November 2022

  • OTP Bank

    Green Eurobond issuance at a total nominal value of
    EUR 400,000,000

    Joint Lead Manager

    July 2022

  • OBA

    Bond issuance at a total nominal value of
    HUF 75,000,000,000

    co-arranger, market maker in the secondary market, paying agent

    May 2022

  • MOL

    Bond issuance on the Employee Share Ownership Programme (in Hungarian “KMRP”) at a nominal value of
    HUF 160,000,000,000

    arranger, market dealer, paying agent

    January 2022

  • 4iG

    Bond issuance at a nominal value of
    HUF 370,750,000,000
    within the framework of the Bond Funding for Growth Scheme (BGS)

    lead manager, market dealer, paying agent, auction agent

    December 2021

  • AutoWallis

    Initial Public Offering on the Budapest Stock Exchange at a total value of
    HUF 10,000,000,000

    arranger, market dealer

    November 2021

  • MVM

    Eurobond issuance at a total nominal value of
    EUR 500,000,000

    Joint bookrunner

    November 2021

More references

Our experts

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