Placement of deposit

Time deposits are placed on the basis of your written instruction. You need not maintain an account with the bank in order to be able to place a time deposit.

Minimum deposited amount

The minimum amount specified in the List of Business Terms and Conditions or any amount in excess of such amount may be placed as a time deposit.

Above HUF 30 million OTP Bank offers special interest rates.

Interest paid on deposits

The prevailing interest rates applicable to time deposits are published in the List of Business Terms and Conditions. In the case of fixed interest rates, the interest rate does not change during the term.

The interest paid on the deposit depends on

  • the amount of the deposit,
  • the manner of interest bearing (fixed or variable) and
  • the term of the deposit.

The first day of interest calculation is the start date of the placement of the deposit and the last day is the day preceding the maturity date of the deposit. The interest earned on time deposits is settled at the maturity date (renewal date) of the deposit.

Placing funds

If your company already has a bank account as well as a contract for the use of the OTPdirekt Internet-based service or the OTP Electra Terminal, you can also submit electronic transaction orders in order to reallocate and place your unused funds as a time deposit.

How can you use it?

Choose the most convenient way of accessing your savings account with the following options.

In Internet banking service

Login to the OTPdirekt internetbank.

Via OTP Electra Terminal

We recommend using the OTPdirekt Electra Terminal for all special needs.

Announcements and Business Regulations

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