The Forint savings account provides tierhold daily floating interest. OTP Bank pays interest after the end-of-the day total balance at a rate defined for each tier.

Interest is credited directly to the Forint savings account with the same frequency (monthly/quarterly) of the interest settlement on the current account.


The funds deposited on the savings account are freely available at any time. The savings period is for an indefinite term.

Account features

  • No minimum amount is required to be deposited. Accordingly, any amount can be kept on the account; it is not terminated automatically even if its balance is zero.
  • The funds can be withdrawn automatically by submitting a transfer to a HUF and/or FX account kept within OTP Bank.
  • Funds can be added easily to your savings account by:
    - crediting the amount from any HUF and/or FX account inside or outside the bank
    - book transfers between own accounts
    - HUF or FX cash deposits made at any branch
    - cash deposits made at any post office using a cheque
  • Neither a bank card nor a credit limit can be linked to the account,
  • deposit is not available.
  • The account may be blocked (as credit collateral).
  • Unless your company stipulates otherwise, a bank statement on the transactions on your savings account is prepared monthly.

How can you use it?

Choose the most convenient way of accessing your savings account with the following options.

At a bank branch in person

Through your account-keeping branch!

In Internet banking service

Login to the OTPdirekt internetbank.

Via OTP Electra Terminal

We recommend using the OTPdirekt Electra Terminal for all special needs.

Charges and fees

Upon withdrawals from your savings i.e. whenever an intrabank transfer is made in addition to the related payment transaction commission a separate transactional fee is also charged.

All fees, charges and commissions related to transactions are debited to your company’s HUF bank account simultaneously with the regular banking costs (quarterly/monthly). The only exception to this is the immediately due commission and fees that are debited to the Forint savings account upon their incurrence. Such immediately due fees are, e.g. the cost of FX deposits and the commission for crediting of foreign currency transfer from foreign or other Hungarian banks.

Announcements and Business Regulations

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