OTP Bank and the Bank Group offer forint and foreign currency loans to help your company to achieve your goals successfully and profitably. Depending in financing needs, we offer the following loans.


Does the company have recurrent liquidity problems or unexpected expenses? An overdraft facility, a most flexible product is the solution. Overdraft is linked to the company’s cash flow account so access to it is ensured at any time. The income transferred to the cash-flow is used to pay off the loan thus less in interest is to be paid.

Terms and conditions

Working capital loan

When the company’s income fails to cover short-term expenses a shortage of funds might occur. If the company expect such shortage to materialise on several occasions a year a revolving facility can be requested

  • enables the company to temporarily build its inventory, serve its clients immediately and increase business volume.
  • may be used for advancing working capital loans granted in EU tendering procedures and paid subsequently as well as for VAT financing.
  • helps finance production.
  • The revolving working capital loan adjusts to the company’s momentary borrowing requirements.

Terms and conditions

Investment loan

OTP Bank’s investment loan can be used for financing the purchase and construction of  premises and purchasing necessary equipment and machines.

How does it benefit the company?

  • The investment loan can be used for any development activity.
  • In order to be able to implement the development in question own fund is required.
  • The loan increases the company’s competitiveness.
  • The disbursement and repayment of the loan adjust to the implementation of the development and the generation of income from the development.
  • A working capital to finance VAT linked to the development can be requested.

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