As a Bank, we can be exactly, as successful, as our customer are, thus our aims are common.

It is crucial for us to support your business with a range of loans to suits your needs, and help to find the best financial construction. Our loans are designated to give your business the support it needs, making extra finance available for you to continue to develop your business. It is our purpose and duty to find comprehensive solutions, while we’re considering not just financial background, but the current situation, micro-environmental opportunities, and future plans. Loan from OTP Bank, you can finance your plans for future growth. OTP Bank offers all traditional loans (e.g. investment and working capital loans) to facilitate successful corporate operations.

We’re working hard every day, so your plans and visions can turn into reality.

HUF and foreign currency loans

OTP Bank and the Bank Group offer forint and foreign currency loans to help your company to achieve your goals successfully and profitably. Depending in financing needs, we offer the following loans:

Bank guarantees

If your business partner requests your company to provide guarantee for the performance of its contractual obligations, consider submitting a mandate to the Bank to undertake guarantee. OTP Bank issues bank guarantee in both forint and foreign currency for the term you request.

HUF or FOREX bank guarantee

Special agricultural loans

OTP Agro-Development Loan

A long-term development loan can be used for financing arable land purchase, investment, loan redemption and every type of financial needs.

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Agricultural Direct Payments Pre-Financing

The OTP Direct Payment-Factoring constructions is the perfect solutions for pre-financing the agricultural subsidies from the Hungarian State Treasury.

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Agro Széchenyi Card

Free-use overdraft facility with preferential conditions, as interest and guarantee fee subsidies, especially for companies operating in the agricultural sector.

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Agro Széchenyi Investment Loan Max+

This facility with state aid, can be used for agricultural investment loan targets and related current assets.

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OTP Green Corridor

Are you a beneficiary of EU funding? Complex solution for you.

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Loan covered with warehouse receipt

If your agricultural products (own production or purchased) are in a storage, and you want to wait for better selling opportunities, or you just need it later, help your own liquidity with our loan covered with warehouse receipt.

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Integrator Loan

In HUF or in EUR? It’s your choice. Working capital loan with the possibility of revolving, for production financing.

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OTP Agro-Entrepreneur Overdraft Facility

Credit product for your company’s liquidity problems. Flexible structure and revolving construction without real estate collateral.

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Factoring means the purchase and assignment, prior to their due date, of short-term receivables with deferred payment, evidenced with a commercial contract and an invoice.

OTP Bank purchases your receivables for an amount less the interest due on the period between the date of the advance payment and the due date (i.e. at a discounted value). OTP Bank stipulates a right of recourse during the factoring process.

How does it benefit your company?

We grant you free use sources by the purchase of deferred revenue, which is from selling, service, or because of a contract or the law.

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Contact us

Factoring Department

Mr. Ferenc Csáki
Head of Department
Tel.: +36 20 204 2163

European Union grants

OTP Bank provides assistance to companies that apply for EU funds.

European Union grants


A market leader, Merkantil Bank relies on its experience in vehicle financing in managing the risks implied in the various loan transactions.

Our product range helps you find the type of financing that best suits your needs and expectations.

Merkantil Bank offers your company the following products:

  • vehicle financing
  • financing of production equipment and machinery
  • real estate leasing

Specialised Lending/Project Financing

In the case of the realization of an asset or company purchase or development financed by credit facilities, where the source of the repayment of the loan is primarily the cash flow generated by the financed asset or activity.

OTP Bank provides the following special credit facilities

Contact us

In case of credit applications related to any transaction in foreign countries or transaction in Hungary with a financing need over 1 billion HUF.

Specialised Finance Directorate

Dr. Miklós Németh
senior managing director
Tel.: + 36 1 298 4227
Fax: + 36 1 298 4225

In case of credit applications related to transaction in Hungary with a financing need not exceeding 1 billion  HUF, please contact OTP Bank’s local branch with corporate lending activity.

Syndicated lending and international financing

In the field of syndicated lending and international financing OTP Bank Plc offers the following services to its local and international clients:

  • arrangement/origination of syndicated and club loans in the countries of OTP Group,
  • participation in local and international syndicated and club transactions,
  • agency role (general, paying, security agent) in syndicated and club deals,
  • co-financing with local OTP subsidiaries in larger-scale financings,
  • specialised lending products, structured finance, international guarantees,
  • secondary market transactions,
  • consultancy in consortial financing.

Contact us

Should you need further information on our services please contact our colleagues at the Structured and Cross Border Financing Department

Mr. Dr. Viktor Nagy
Head of Department
Tel.: +36 1 298 4565

Mr. Balázs Fekete
Head of Structured Finance Unit
Tel.: +36 1 298 4344

Ms. Judit Simon
Head of Agency Unit
Tel.: +36 1 374 6997

Forfaiting and Buyer’s Credits

Forfaiting is a form of financing that enables Exporters to receive immediate cash by selling their medium/long-term receivables (the amount a Buyer owes the Exporter) at a discount to OTP Bank.

Key characteristics

OTP Bank provides the buyer or the buyer’s bank a medium/long term Buyer’s Credit in order to facilitate the fulfillment of the payment obligations of the Buyer under the commercial contract.

Key characteristics

Contact us

Specialised Finance Directorate, Structured and Cross Border Financing Department
International Client Relations and Trade Finance Unit

Mr. Csaba Szilágyi
Head of Unit
Tel.: + 36 1 298 3101

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