Gergely Tardos
Following his studies in Finance and Economic Policy, he graduated from the Corvinus University of Economic Sciences in 2000. Between 2000 and 2004, he worked at the National Bank of Hungary's Economics and Monetary Policy departments. His main tasks and responsibilities were FX reserve strategy, external imbalances and indebtedness, fiscal policy and financial behaviour of the corporate sector. Gergely has been working for OTP Bank since 2004. He started as the deputy head of the Research Department, and he was appointed head of department in 2008.

Balázs Lukács
Balázs got his bachelor’s degree in international economics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2016. During his university years his main fields of study were fiscal policy and sovereign debt; for his paper on this subject, he was awarded the special price on the nationwide round of the Student Researchers’ Conference. In his thesis he explored the possibilities of government debt reduction in advanced countries in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. He joined OTP Research for the first time in 2014, and he had been – at the beginning as an intern – a member of the Team for 18 months. In 2016, he decided to continue his studies at Central European University, where he is going to obtain his master’s degree in Economic Policy in Global Markets by the summer of 2018. He re-joined OTP Research in early 2018. His main responsibilities are analysing and forecasting the macroeconomic trends and loan markets of Bulgaria and Montenegro.

Beáta Váradi
Bea graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest, where she had majored in Macroeconomic Analysis. She joined OTP Bank's team of analysts in 2015, right after graduation. Her responsibilities include monitoring and forecasting the economic trends of Slovakia and Serbia, and she also contributes to our regular and industry research projects.

Dániel Módos
Dani graduated summa cum laude at the Corvinus University of Budapest as a Macroeconomic analyst and forecaster. During university years, his research focussed on tax evasion, institutional change, and economic growth. In the 2009 Econometric Game (hosted by the University of Amsterdam) he made it to the final as a member of the Corvinus University’s team. At his first job he traded European and US government bond futures until 2013. From 2013 to 2015 he worked as an analyst at the National Bank of Hungary where he specialized in corporate lending and he helped to launch the Central Bank’s Funding for Growth Scheme. He has been working at OTP Research since mid-2015. His responsibilities include analysing the economy and banking system of Ukraine, researching Hungary's monetary policy, forecasting interest rates, FX rates and government debt, as well as doing equity research.

Gábor Dunai
Gábor graduated in 2006 from the Corvinus University of Budapest, where he had majored in Macroeconomic Analysis. He started his career at the Monetary Policy Department of the Budget Directorate of the Ministry of Finance, where he specialized in the central budget's interest expenses and revenues. He joined OTP Bank's Research Department in 2007. His current responsibilities include preparing analyses into and reports on real economy, as well as monitoring the economic trends of Slovakia and Croatia.

Győző Eppich
Győző graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Economics of the Corvinus University of Budapest (former Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration) in 2006, where he had majored in Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting. His thesis work was a research into interest rate pass-through in Central and Eastern Europe's countries. He joined OTP Bank's Research Department as a trainee in 2006 before working for the National Bank of Hungary's Monetary Strategy and Economic Analyses department, where he specialized in labour market analysis (2007-2008). He returned to the Research Department in the autumn of 2008 and became deputy head of it. His most important responsibilities include: monitoring trends in Hungary's macroeconomic and banking system and preparing respective forecasts, as well as methodological development.

Hedvig Kis
After graduating as a teacher of English and Russian in 1991, Hedvig studied international business communication and specialized in economic translations (2002). Her work experience includes translating daily newsletters, monthly analyses, press releases, and proofreading many others. In 2010, she joined OTP Research Department, where she is responsible for proofreading and editing the team's documents.

István Kecskeméti
After graduating from the Széchenyi University and the University of Szeged with a major in financial information technology, he worked for brokerage firms and banks as a sales executive and trader. He began to study technical analysis in 1998, to make his trades more successful. Based on many years of experience and development, he published two books, on the basics of technical analysis and trading strategies, in 2006 and 2009. In addition, he taught the basics of technical analysis on many courses. He has been strengthening the team of OTP Research since June 2015. His responsibilities involve preparing technical analyses on currencies, commodities, raw materials, indices, and shares.

Mihály András Kovács
Mihály graduated in 1997 at the Budapest University of Economics. He spent 15 years at the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in various positions from being a researcher to coordinating macroeconomic projections, managing the production of the Inflation Reports as well as supporting policy advice. From 2012 to 2015 he joined the European Commission, where he dealt with balance of payments assistance programs as well as drafted assessments in the framework of the European Semester. From 2015 to 2018, he worked for OGResearch, where he was responsible for policy advice and model development at various central banks in emerging and frontier markets. He joined OTP Research in 2018 covering Russia, the Hungarian budgetary policy as well as methodological developments.

Orsolya Rátkai
Orsolya graduated from the Faculty of International Economics of the Corvinus University of Budapest (formerly known as Budapest University of Economic Sciences). In 2002 she obtained a Financial Investment Analyst degree from EFFAS (European Federation for Financial Analysts Societies). She joined OTP Securities in 2001 and worked there as equity analyst until the company merged into OTP Bank, when she became a member of OTP Research. Her main responsibilities are preparing sector analyses and monitoring sector developments. Since the end of 2017 she has also covered Rába and Zwack, as equity research became part of our research portfolio after the Budapest Stock Exchange launched a market development programme for companies with small and medium capitalization in December 2017 and OTP Research also takes part in it.