OTP LAB is OTP Bank’s innovation hub, where our expert colleagues, startups, businesses based on innovative technology and educational institutions are working together on developing the banking products and services of the future.

What partners are we looking for?

  • Financial technology startups

    Innovative micro-businesses are assisted through the involvement of banking managers and skilled coaches. If capital investment is required to achieve their goals, the PortfoLion Venture Capital Fund, a member of the OTP Group, may help.
  • Technology companies with fully-developed products and established clientele

    We are open to establishing supplier or other strategic partnerships with innovative firms.
  • Employees who have new ideas and suggestions

    Our co-workers can share their innovative suggestions concerning banking products and services within the framework of the OTP LAB Idea Competition. Employees can develop and implement the best ideas with the help of our team.

OTP Startup Program

In this intensive 12-week program we are seeking post product/market fit startups and scaleups from all over the world, with the chance to build goal-oriented, business-focused, and mutually beneficial partnerships with OTP Bank, a top tier player of the financial industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Banking managers, professional mentors and renowned external experts support participating firms to refine their product and expand their business opportunities. They may even receive a capital investment to achieve their goals, with the help of PortfoLion Venture Capital Fund, a member of the OTP Group.

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Strategic cooperation for businesses

We are open to cooperate with innovative firms by establishing supplier or other strategic partnerships.

What kind of firms should apply?

  • Companies developing front-end and customer-centric solutions
  • Firms developing banking mid and back-end software
  • Businesses manufacturing innovative banking hardware

How can my business become a strategic partner?

Get in touch!

Send an e-mail to the otplab@otpbank.hu e-mail address with an introduction of your firm’s activities. Make sure you include details on how you envision the cooperation between your business and our bank.

Supporting the ideas of our employees

Our colleagues can enter an idea competition with their ideas related to the development of existing or new products. Employees can develop and implement the best ideas with the help of our team.

Would you like to be a team member? Apply now!

We like working with enthusiastic and talented people. If You are driven by the same goals, take a look at our vacancies since we might be looking for each other!

Frequently asked questions


Definitely. If you have an innovative idea and it is ready for testing, get in touch with us via the e-mail address.

We are looking for startups which offer opportunities for developing solution to jointly:
- improve customer service and user experience,
- help our colleagues with the optimisation of internal processes, or
- develop new products and services.

Yes. Our bank is currently operating in 11 different countries (Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova and Slovenia). We are looking forward to being contacted by firms dealing with innovative technology from these or other countries.

Strategic co-operation

Firms which have tried and tested products and existing clientele.

Yes, since we are primarily looking for new ideas instead of new partners. If you wish to market new and innovative products or services, we can come help you.


Yes. We also work with educational institutions, student organizations, industry associations and other organizations. If you are working at places like this, feel free to get in touch.

Send a message to the e-mail address.

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