Check and examination of the ATM

Before you use the ATM (withdraw money or deposit some money, charge your mobile phone etc.) always check, whether you can see any unusual, improper object or any trace of damage on the machine (e.g. if there is something placed on the cardreader)By doing so you can avoid a lot of inconveniences!

If you can see something unusual, do not use the machine and call the OTP HelpDesk immediately +36 (1) 366 6000 or inform the tellers of the nearest OTP Bank branch!

Do not use the ATM if there is any kind of error message on the screen!

Before you take out your card, look around, if there is anyone directly behind you

  • Please, keep discreet distance when you are waiting for somebody else in front of you who is performing a transaction! By doing so, you set an example for others as well. Make sure that you cannot see anybody suspicious near the ATM!
  • Stand at the ATM in a way that nobody can see as you are entering your PIN code or how much money you have withdrawn. Hide the PINpad with your hands when entering the code!
  • Be suspicious if during the use of the ATM (especially if your card way captured in the ATM) a stranger seems to be very helpful, even if he pretends to be the employee of the bank! Do not give your card to anyone or give away your PIN code!
  • We would like to draw your attention to the fact that despite certain rumors, even if you enter your PIN code in a reverse order at any ATM, the machine does not send an alert to the police and does not dispense the requested amount. When the PIN code is entered, the system examines whether the right combination of numbers is provided so if you provide it in reverse order, the ATM takes it as a wrong code and after several mistaken attempts the card is captured.

If the card is captured by the ATM

There can be several reasons for the fact that your card is captured by the ATM: at the end of the transaction you have not taken away the card ejected in time, due to too many PIN errors the transaction was rejected or an unauthorized person initiated a transaction with an already cancelled card.

If none of the above mentioned reasons is valid or the ATM sends an error message about a certain technical problem, call the OTP HelpDesk immediately on one of the following telephone numbers plusz+36 (1) 366 6000! If it is possible, make the call beside the ATM, do not leave the scene until you get some help from the assistant about what you should do next! The assistant of the OTP HelpDesk never requests your PIN code, if it happens, it is sure that you did not call the right telephone number!

Do not allow a stranger to call the Bank instead of you, since you cannot check what number they have dialed or who is speaking on the other end of the line, and in this way you can give away confidential data to stranger!

After the transaction

When you have finished the transaction, put your card away immediately and count the money only later, not at the ATM but at some safe place (in a closed car, in the flat)!

Always take the slip with you, do not leave it at the ATM! If you think you will not need it, choose the function ‘Cash withdrawal without slip’!

We inform you that video recordings might be made at the ATMs operated by OTP Bank.

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