Never let your bankcard get out of your sight!

You have to see the terminal where your bankcard is pulled through in every case! We tend to forget this in restaurants although every acquirerhas to ensure that you are present during the entire process of the payment!

Pay attention that after a successful transaction your card is not pulled through again!

Be suspicious if they attempt to pull your card through at several terminals and inform the OTP HelpDesk on one of the following telephone numbers +36 (1) 366 6000.

Personal identification in case of a purchase

When making a purchase, the identification of the cardholder is performed either with the PIN code or based on the signature.

For your safety the assistant at the shop, who is handling the terminal, is entitled to request a document for personal identification.

This is not the sign of mistrust, they would only like to check whether the genuine cardholder is using the card. However, the cashier cannot note down any of the data in the documents!


Always check the amount on the slip before signing it! Before signing the slip – in case of disagreement – you have the right to make a complaint, however, by signing it you acknowledge the authenticity of the transaction. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if the amount is not printed on the slip, do not sign it by any means!

If the transaction is unsuccessful due to whatever reason and you pay in cash, please keep the bill about this! If the merchant would still like to charge your account, you can prove it easily that you have already paid for it. Also ask for and keep the slip about the unsuccessful transaction which has been rejected due to any reason!

Do not forget your card at the merchant!

After paying, take care that you do not forget your card at the merchant! If it happens, go back for it immediately or call the OTP HelpDesk on one of the following telephone numbers plusz+36 (1) 366 6000! Our colleagues can suspend the use of the card immediately until it gets back to you!

Car rental

In case of car rental, read the contract carefully before signing it – with special attention to the parts printed in small letters -, so that you know exactly for what and how much you will be made to pay by the rent-a-car agency! By doing so you can avoid a lot of inconveniences.

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