The bankcard is a tool replacing cash therefore you have to take care of it in the same way as you do with cash!

Please accept the following advice!

  • Do not leave your bankcard unattended, do not keep it visibly in sight, or leave it in a vehicle! If it is possible, do not carry all your bankcards with you, only the one that you really need!
  • If it is possible, check it every day whether you still have your bankcard!
  • The bankcard cannot be transferred, lent or used as collateral. Do not lend your card even for your closest relatives! Order secondary cards for them which belong to the same account!

Receipt of new bankcards

  • Following the receipt of your new bankcard, please sign it immediately – if you receive it in a branch in the presence of the teller, if you have received it by post then at home – in permanent ink on the signature panel on the back of the card! In case of making purchases your identification is made based on the PIN code or the signature, therefore the lack of the signature on the card can facilitate the situation of fraudsters in case of theft or if the bankcard is lost.
  • If you have not received your new or replaced bankcard sent by post until the given date, please, inform the OTP HelpDesk or the branch where your account is conducted without any delay so that we can take the necessary steps! It is highly important to inform the branch where your account is conducted about any change in your address because in this way you can promote the accurate delivery of your card!

Handle your bankcard data with precaution!

  • The slip received when making purchases or cash withdrawals can contain confidential data so do not leave it in the shop or at the ATM! Always keep the slips and store them at a safe place at least until you receive your bank account statement and you check the transactions! If you do not need them any longer, destroy them, only throw them into the rubbish bin when they are torn in pieces! Handle any other document in the same way (e.g. account, account statement, orders) on which the number of your bankcard can be found!
  • Do not let unauthorized people know your personal or bankcard data! In case of mail orders do not write it on the envelope or on a postcard!

Check the account statement carefully every time!

We recommend you to keep the telephone number of the HelpDesk with you all the time – +36 (1/20/30/70) 366 6000 – and it should be separated from the card so that if you need help, you can call our colleagues at any time!

If you find an unknown item on your bank account statement, check your slips and orders and ask the cardholders of the secondary-bankcards belonging to your account! If even after this you are sure that it was not you or any of the secondary cardholders who performed the given transaction, cancel your card in one of the ways described below!

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