Foreign Currency Account

Why open a foreign currency (FCY) account at OTP Bank?

  • Because you can give instructions related to your FCY account at any branch of OTP Bank in Hungary dealing with FCY accounts.
  • Because you can transfer your money easily and quickly to any account in Hungary or abroad, either denominated in forint or foreign currency.
  • Because you will be able to take advantage of any of the time deposit facilities offered by the bank.
  • Because by using the English-language OTPdirekt internet-based service you can do your banking electronically, without having to go to a branch.
  • Because you can request a bank card to go with your FCY account, which you can use to withdraw money from your account or to make purchases, whether in Hungary or abroad.


How can I access the money in my FCY account?

  • You can access your money in forint at any OTP branch, and you can withdraw it in foreign currency at any OTP Bank branch that dealing with foreign currenies.
  • Besides the currency of the account, you can withdraw your money in any other currency quoted by the bank.
  • Transfers can be initiated from your account to another account in Hungary or abroad, and money can be sent to the account from Hungary or abroad, either in forint or other foreign currency.
  • If you request a bankcard to go with your FCY account, the money on your account will always be at hand, allowing you to manage your finances even more quickly and conveniently.

How - and how much - interest is paid on FCY accounts?

  • For information on interest rates on demand deposits and time deposits, as well as on the minimum amounts for time deposits, see the FCY Interest Rate Table.
  • For the latest exchange rates, click here.

Open an account

An OTP FCY account can be opened by anyone over 18 years of age, and in the following currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, CAD, GBP, SEK, BGN, JPY, CZK, NOK, PLN, TRY.

A FCY account can be opened at any OTP branch dealing with FCY accounts.


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