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Dear visitor!

OTP Bank is committed to provide people with disabilities equal opportunities, which we strive for on our website accordingly.

The website is being tailored at the moment in order to transform it to a fully accessible platform and to meet the accessibility guidelines.

Content comes without colours on the website, helping colour-blind people with the usage. For those with blindness screen-reader programme is planned to support the convenient use. Content appear responsive on the new website, which means page design follows size settings. Application of the website becomes handier via subtitled videos, keyboard-navigation application and plain language.

Visitors will be informed about accessibility developments continually. In the meantime, the supporting options, listed below can be used.

Thank you for your patience!

OTP Bank

About supporting options

OTP Bank’s website can be customized by adjusting your browser or operations system of your phone.

Accessibility at the bank

OTP Bank staff makes remarkable efforts to serve people with disabilities.  Our clientele can handle finances via OTPdirekt online banking platform or telephone. Call us at 06 1 3 666 666 number or mobile network at 06 (20/30/70) 3 666 666 number. Reach OTPdirekt telephone service center via menu 4.

Our branches provide accessibility consumer service as well. 89% of our branches and 70% of our ATMs are accessible for disabled people. 100 ATMs at branches help people with disabilities with text-to-speech voice module.

Deaf and hard of hearing customers have the option of indicate the need of special handling at 270 branches.

The guide dogs are allowed to enter to any branch, while the larger bank offices have guide track to helps orientation.

More info about our accessibility programme.

For the list of our accessible branches and ATMs please click here.

Should you have any hardships, please contact us via e-mail (information@otpbank.hu) or phone 06 (1) 3 666 666.


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  • open a new page in one of the above browsers,
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  • you are ready to browse our website.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail at information@otpbank.hu!

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