As a responsible service provider, we are committed to ensuring equal opportunities. With more than 4 million customers in Hungary and 70 years of experience under our belt, we are aware of our responsibility to give increased attention to elderly and disabled customers – including those with a limited capacity to represent their interests – both during personal contact and when providing information in relation to our service provision.

As a fundamental principle, we aim to provide services to persons with disabilities to the same standard of quality as to all other customers, in a manner tailored to their specific needs. Our principal objective is to provide simpler and more convenient yet comprehensive access to our banking services to customers with a need for special services in view of their disabilities in terms of sensory, musculoskeletal or communication capacity.

OTP Bank’s Accessibility Programme

Our Accessibility Programme was launched in 2008. Under the Programme, in consideration of the needs of all disabled groups and with the involvement of stakeholders, we implemented comprehensive developments in order to make sure that OTP Bank, as a major financial service provider, offers viable solutions to persons with disabilities over the long run.

We have conducted a survey in conjunction with professional organisations, and based on the survey we reviewed, also from an accessibility angle:

  • the spaces and platforms of customer service (branches, website, customer service etc.),
  • the internal processes of domains, and
  • the written materials provided to customers with special regard to the nature and degree of the disability.

Results of major projects and the developments implemented

  • 99.7% of our branches are physically accessible; in addition, 39% have installed tactile guide strips
  • 75% of our ATMs are wheelchair accessible and 57% are equipped with text-to-speech software, devices automatically switch to speech mode when someone plugs in their earphones
  • a special service provision procedure is applied in our branches and at our customer service – 167 branches offer KONTAKT Interpreter Services, enabling sign language interpreters to assist with administrative tasks in the branch through live video chat
  • our employees receive special training (sensitivity programmes and training)
  • accessibility is a key aspect in website development – text-to-speech software supports the use of our website, and one-handed use is also enabled

Please refer to our relevant publication for further information about the developments implemented, broken down by disability type.

It is fundamentally important to our Bank to ensure that our customers are as pleased with our services as possible, with safe, convenient and unrestricted access in order to do their finances.

Our goal is to

  • ensure, as far as possible, the physical accessibility of all branches
  • create a supportive and professional service environment (where branch employees are happy to help, whether it is about filling out forms, or reading out or helping to understand documents)
  • give access to as many customers as possible to the simple and convenient online and mobile banking (optimised electronic services to all customers)
  • apply the broadest possible spectrum of audio-supported tools (audio kit-equipped ATM network, consultant’s desks with induction loop amplifiers, accessible website)

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As of 21 May 2021, we modified our administrative processes for customers who are unable to provide their signatures or affix their initials

In accordance with banking regulations, the representations or contracts of customers who are unable to provide their signatures or affix their initials must be executed in a notarised document as a general rule. At the same time, as a supplementary solution, a proxy may act for and on behalf of such customers in accordance with the new regulation as well. A proxy may issue a statement or sign a contract for and on behalf of the customer concerned if he or she holds a power of attorney issued in line with the relevant legislation and the Bank’s requirements. We are confident that our customers remain satisfied with the administrative banking procedure even after the change.

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